A Combination of Artificial Neural Network and Artificial Immune System for Virus Detection

Mai Trong Khang, Vu Thanh Nguyen, Tuan Dinh Le


In this paper, we propose an Artificial Neural Immune Network (ANIN) for virus detection. ANIN is a combination of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Artificial Immune Network (AiNet). In ANIN, each ANN is considered as a detector. A pool of initial detectors then undergoes a mature process, called AiNet, to improve its recognizing ability. Thus, more than one ANN objects can cooperate to detect malicious code. The experimental results show that ANIN can achieve a detection rate of 87.98% on average with an acceptable false positive rate.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21553/rev-jec.133

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