Double-Side Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure for Improving Dual-Band MIMO Antenna Performance

Duong Thi Thanh Tu, Nguyen Van Hoc, Vu Van Yem


A double-side EBG structure with equivalent circuit model is proposed in this paper. Making H shape on surface and H with bridge shape on ground, the novel EBG that is built on FR4 substrate with height of 1.6mm, gets compact size of 8.6x8.6 mm2 at 2.6 GHz resonant frequency. Using 1x7 EBG structures for dual-band MIMO system, several performance parameters of antenna are improved. Firstly, the mutual coupling between antenna elements gets -40dB in the lower band and -30dB in the higher one with narrow distance of 0.11l from feeding point to feeding point. Then, at 2.6GHz, the antenna gain is increased significant by 160% as well as radiation efficiency of antenna is better. This improvement is unable to get in previous EBG studies

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